Tweets aplenty over Gaza flotilla situation

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian delegation aboard the Freedom Flotilla 2 has been giving updates about their attempts to reach Gaza via Twitter.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, who is aboard the Dutch-Italian ship Stefano Chiarini, is among those actively tweeting on their situation over the past few days.

“Active Israeli pressure on Greece not to let #flotilla2 boats out. Sabotage and bureaucratic obstacles continue,” said Khairy on July 1.

The Greek Government on Friday had banned vessels planning to break a sea blockade by Israel from leaving its shores.

For Gaza: Khairy (centre) together with other volunteers holding up
the Malaysian flag on board Sefano Chiarini yesterday. Also present 
were Norazman (second from right), Ahmad Zaki (fifth from left) and
 Shah Alam parliament member Khalid Abdul Samad (third from right). 

“Trying to coordinate efforts with all MPs left on #flotilla2. Not easy we are on different boats. Have to take initiative to organise,” said a tweet on his timeline yesterday.

The flotilla has attracted numerous activists from all over the world, including author Alice Walker, who wrote the Pulitzer-winning novel The Color Purple.

“Brian, 65 yr old US-Swiss #flotilla2 activist, saw para wings on my bag & said ‘me too’. Airborne brotherhood across the ages & continents!” tweeted Khairy about a fellow activist.

Despite the ban, the Malaysian delegation aboard the Freedom Flotilla 2 has resolved to continue onward to Gaza.

The delegation also includes Life Line For Gaza (LL4G) Malaysia president Norazman Mohd Shamsuddin, Aman Malaysia chairman Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, journalists and a doctor.

Norazman said they would proceed if their ship’s captain agreed and would join protests at Corfu, where they are docked, if the ships were still not allowed to leave for Gaza.

“The delegation will also join other protesters in Athens to protest the ban,” he said in a statement yesterday.

LL4G crisis management team secretary Hishamuddin Hussein said a group of non-governmental organisations and political parties would band together to deliver a memorandum to the Greek embassy here at 2pm tomorrow.

source: thestaronline


One Response to Tweets aplenty over Gaza flotilla situation

  1. Brian Curdy says:

    Way to go! Proud of you all as fellow freedom fighters. Yes, I am a former US Marine Corps parachutist and fellow crewman of the Stefano Chiarini, but I joined the freedom flotilla II as a nurse.
    After taking leave of you and leaving Gouvia on July 6th 2011. I took a bus to the Port of Corfu with my few remaining posessions. I then took the ferry to Sarandë (Albania) with the help of “Captain” (1st officer) Petros and 2nd officer Gjergj Gaqo, our 64 year-old 3rd officer. I would like to mention the bravery and dedication of Gjergj Gaqo because he is a retired Albanian Navy Captain (=Colonel in Army rank) who once commanded the Vlore Naval Base. With a retirement pension of 130 euros/per annum, the Captain has been working as a common seaman in Greece. The many Albanians who helped make our effort possible deserve credit. Yes I am a Swiss citizen, but only 60 (and not yet 65). My rank in the United States Marine Corps was only that of a 1st Lieutenant-although, like Captain Gaqo (who is a graduate of the Albanian Skanderbeg Naval Academy), I am a graduate of my old country’s Naval Academy at Annapolis (Maryland). Tony, our Cuban shipmate, just called to say he is OK in Switzerland. I came home to Switzerland yesterday (July 8, 2011) on a flight from Tirana, Albania. Hope to see all of you in Gaza soon.
    Brian Curdy of the Stefano Chiarini and Freedom Flotilla II

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