Is karabakiIs Ag. Nikolaos an Israeli or Greek Port?

Sunday, 03 July 2011 02:26

Many tens of Canadian people, in support of the Canadian people blockaded illegally in the port of Ag. Nigolaos, Crete demonstrated today in the center of Ag. Nikolaos city and in front of the Port building. The Canadian campaign, with their captain, our co-citizen George Klontsas, is a part of the world campaign “Ship to Gaza”, which will try again this year, to break the navy blockade that Israel has made on Palestine’s maritime waters of Gaza and to give to them a message of solidarity and hope. One year after Israel’s violent naval seizure of the international solidarity flotilla in international waters and the cold murder of nine members of our campaign, the Greek government instead of pressing Israel to change its political attacks against the international solidarity movement, joins in creating interminable obstacles. The negative attitude of the Greek government was not unexpected for us. Last year’s indifference of the Greek government to protect the two boats of the Greek campaign (with Greek citizens and national flag), and its uncomplaining acceptance of the seizure of passengers and deportation from Israel, (and subsequent failure to demand return of the Greek boats) revealed a lot of things. The later exchanges with meetings at a high political level, the common military schools and the commercial exchanges, moves the fascist government of Israel into international isolation. Our government’s teardrops for the last year’s deaths, were crocodile tears! This year these things are still more evident. The people of the Greek government have ended up as agents of Israel’s interests, raping for one more time the will of the Greek population, which is trying to support regularly and insistently the fight of Palestinians for FREEDOM. No one of the progressive citizens of Ag. Nikolaos should remain apathetic in this anti-constitutional approach by the prohibition of departure. On the contrary, we should express our solidarity to the persons that now are found blockaded in the marine, inside the boat “TAHRIR” (in Arabic that means FREEDOM). It is tragic that now Israel allocates harbours from Perama up to Ag. Nikolaos! Our government, which is working as puppets to Israel policies, steals from us our dignity! Last Updated on Sunday, 03 July 2011 02:36

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