Freedom Flotilla Activists: “it’s time for the US to declare it’s independance from Israel”

US activists, stopped on their way to Gaza, have held a vigil outside the US embassy in Athens to protest against the government’s green light to Israeli attacks on aid-for-Gaza activists, a peace activist says.

The campaigners demand that Washington reverses a statement that is “essentially giving Israel the green light to attack this non-violent task force with violence,” Ken Mayers, US Peace Activist in Athens told Press TV.

Mayers explained how their stay in Athens was met with acts of sabotage against two of their boats as well as delaying tactics to keep them on shore, perpetrated by Israeli elements and political pressure.

The ban comes as organizers of the humanitarian aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip say that the Tel Aviv regime is making Greece halt the convoy.

The voyage “is a non-violent” attempt to protest against the injustice that the Israelis are inflicting on Palestinians, Mayers said.

He added that “we don’t feel we are the provocateurs, we feel the unjust treatment of Palestinians and particularly Gazans is the provocation.”

Israel has ordered its navy to use all possible means to prevent the incoming international aid flotilla from reaching the Gaza Strip.

Some 1.5 million people in Gaza have been denied their basic rights, including the freedom of movement and the right to appropriate living conditions, work, health and education since June 2007 after Hamas took control of the enclave.

source: Press TV


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