The second ship for Gaza has left France, the second Freedom Flotilla is kicking off

Saturday, 25 June 2011 23:03

Un bateau francais pour Gaza

The «Dignité – Al Karama – الكرامة» has left this morning from the waters of Ile Rousse in Corsica. It will join the «Louise Michel» in a few days, which is already in Greece.

The 40 French citizens that will board the two ships in eastern Mediterranean are ready. In less than a week they will be heading towards Gaza. Many thousands of euros worth of material will be bought by the campaign “A French Ship to Gaza” and sent on one of the two international cargo boats of the Flotilla.

The two french boats will join the dozen of boats that are prepared for this international initiative. They will bring 5000 tones of material aid into Gaza Strip.

Also, there will be 300 to 400 people coming from the whole world, that will board the ships to claim the urgency of an end to the blockade in Gaza Strip and respect for international law.

In front of this historical civil action, our states have to rise to the occasion. They have to take action ensuring that Israel will let the ships pass through. The International Federation for Human Rights has reaffirmed in a press release the “responsibility of the international community to take all the necessary measures to ensure the access of the humanitarian aid to the civil population inside Gaza Strip.”

We are doing what the international community should have done. Our pressure is already giving results. A few days before the departure of the Flotilla, Israel has authorized the UN to import the necessary materials for the construction of 1200 houses and 18 schools in Gaza Strip.

What we want is a complete end of the blockade of Gaza and that, finally, the fundamental rights and dignity of the Palestinians will be respected.

[1] Dignity in Arabic

Press contacts :

Houria Boulassel – Campaign A French boat to Gaza – 06 13 47 10 40

Maxime Guimberteau – Campaign A French boat to Gaza – 06 98 90 18 87!/BateauGazaFr (Follow the boat’s departure).




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