Haaretz: Facing ”Freedom Flotilla II” will Lead to Disastrous Results

Jerusalem, June 09  – Israeli newspaper ”Haaretz” has warned that a year after the attempt by the Freedom Flotilla to break the naval blockade on Gaza, Tel Aviv will find itself once again facing a new convoy ”Freedom Flotilla II” supported by events in the region. The newspaper pointed out in reported posted on its website that the Israeli threat to use force to stop the convoy would only lead to disastrous consequences on people”s lives and Israel”s international status, exactly like what happened last year, adding that Israel in its confrontation with the convoy will face a situation in which it could not come out victorious as the Flotilla”s organizers will win a moral victory once again when they display Israel as a violent state that prevents the arrival of humanitarian assistance, and on the other hand if it allowed the Flotilla to pass would means that Israel has been broken under pressure and that the organizers have come out victorious.

The paper viewed that Israel has no alternative but to announce today, before coming under pressure, that it principally has no problem in enabling the Flotilla to reach Gaza. However it must announce that it reserves the right to inspect ship cargoes in order to verify that they do not carry a weapons, Haaretz said.

source: www.qnaol.net


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