Italian singer brings Gaza twinning accord, Libera Gaza!

GAZA CITY (Maan) — Deputy Gaza Mayor Nezar Hejazi welcomed renowned Italian opera singer Joseph Fallisi to the Strip on Wednesday.

Fallisi arrived in Gaza with the Asia 1 aid convoy. 

A delegation from Gaza’s Culture Ministry and the head of the Palestinian union of artists Zakareyah Zein Din joined the deputy mayor to greet Fallisi.

The singer brought papers to sign a twinning agreement between Villa Castelli in southern Italy and Gaza City.

The twinning conveyed a message of solidarity and support from the 300,000 Italian residents of Villa Castelli and the people of Gaza, Fallisi said.

Meanwhile Hejazi said he was happy to receive the singer, and praised Fallisi’s role in previous convoys.

Fallisi participated in the Free Gaza convoy and was arrested by Israeli forces during the raid on the Turkish-flagged Freedom Flotilla in May.

Meanwhile, Fallisi expressed his solidarity with Palestinians, and said he found the reality in Gaza very different to images portrayed in the European media.

If politicians were able to visit Gaza they would change their positions on the coastal enclave, Fallisi said.

At the end of the meeting the opera star gave a performance, singing several Palestinian songs.

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