Spanish and Australian NGO workers detained in Tel Aviv aeroprt.

Catalan Activist Arrested  in Tel Aviv aeroprt

The Catalan Marcel Masferrer was detained and taken to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv; but will not be expelled to Barcelona until Sunday, according to the newspaper

ALBERT Balanzó

Barcelona | Updated 01/05/2011 21:28

Masferrer, who lives in Jerusalem since 2006 and has worked for the NGO ACSUR until 2009, was arrested yesterday evening by the Israeli police in circumstances that are unknown and was transferred to Ben Gurion International Airport, from where he will be expelled to Barcelona. The Catalan cooperator was able to speak  yesterday at two o’clock in the morning with his father, to whom he said he had been detained. Masferrer is now locked in a cabin at the airport together with  an Australian citizen who is in the same situation and are entitled to make one call every 24 hours.

His return to Barcelona, paradoxically, is not possible until Sunday because Israeli law determines that the expulsion must be completed with a direct flight to the country from which he came with the same company with which he flight; in his case Spanair that haven’t a direct fly to Barcelona until Sunday.

A spokesman for the Palestine Network Liaison and the Palestinian Community in Catalonia has added to  ARA that Masferrer work visa has been withdrawn and currently may not re-enter Israel for ten years. These entities are already preparing demonstrations for Sunday and a public event to support Masferrer.

Masferrer was born in 1977, graduated in Business Administration from the Ramon Llull University and Master in International Cooperation and Development at the University of the Basque Country. Since 2002 has worked for various NGOs in Latin America (Colombia, El Salvador and Nicaragua) and from September 2006 live in Jerusalem, Palestine, where he worked as manager of the NGO projects ACSUR-LAS SEGOVIAS untill January 2009. He is currently taking a postgraduate of Digital Journalism at the Open University of Catalonia.

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