Mavi Marmara on display in Istanbul

A bloodied pillow, a stretcher that was used to carry a Turkish aid worker in the last moments of his life are just some of the items visitors to the Mavi Marmara ship can see in Istanbul. The items on display for the public paint a stark image of what international aid workers experienced when traveling onboard an aid flotilla in May last year. The ship came under attack by Israeli commandoes while trying to break the siege on Gaza, nine activists died in the attack.

Semsetiin Ipek, who works for the IHH charity that lead the flotilla walked us through the moments before the attack. He was onboard.

Thousands of visitors have flocked to see the Mavi Marmara to learn more about the aid mission and show their support. After touring the boat, they document their feelings here. This university student told us what she had written.

Bullet holes mark the spot where Israeli commandoes fired on unarmed aid workers. Eight months has passed since the deadly attack, and despite Turkey’s repeated demands, Israel has shown no signs of willing to apologize for the incident or provide compensation for the families of the dead.

Jody Sabral, Press TV, Istanbul

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